[ExI] AI wins at Poker now!

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

CMU Artificial Intelligence Is Tough Poker Player Libratus builds substantial lead in Brains vs. AI competition



“The bot gets better and better every day,” Chou said. “It’s like a tougher version of us.”

Chou said he and the other pros have shared notes and tips each day, looking for weaknesses they can each exploit.

“The first couple of days, we had high hopes,” Chou said. “But every time we find a weakness, it learns from us and the weakness disappears the next day.”

>...Yea, that's the trouble with AI - they learn fast.
And that means every AI running this program is now a world-beating poker player.
The AI Singularity could happen real fast once it starts.
(Not complaining - looking forward to it!)  :)



This so reminds me of the advances in the chess world we watched in the 1980s and 90s.  Their ratings just kept steadily climbing much to our astonishment and delight, or in some cases dismay.  People were collectively getting better in those years, as we found a worthy opponent was always available and willing.  But it wrecked correspondence chess forever, as that activity became pointless.  One could never be sure an opponent wasn't using a computer.

I can easily imagine that scenario playing out in one sport after another, then in the trades and crafts.


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