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>>…But the visuals for something like this would be spectacular, and if they do some epic wipeouts,  spike


>…Game software depicting football etc. look really hokie, but of course they will improve.  Why not cycle racing virtual?  If you can't tell the difference between the software and the real thing there's no reason to have the real thing - at least in this case.  Sure, people would come out to see real apes or people, but what size audience is that compared to millions of gamers?  The money is in software not hardware, eh?  And betting…bill w  



Sure there is that, but I use this as a jumping off point for why the universe exists in matter form.  We are a real reality, which exists to calculate virtual reality.


Consider what I proposed, robot motorcycle racing, suggesting it would draw huge crowds because it would have spectacular epic wipeouts, way better than real reality because we don’t need to worry about the fate of the hapless ape who just tumbled off his crotch rocket at absurd speeds.  Sure we could simulate a robo-motorcycle crash, and it wouldn’t cost anything to run once we get the software going.  But we can’t simulate everything, because we cannot perfectly model the difficulty of ripping apart the frame and various subsystems.  So… in that case, real reality would exist as a guide for virtual reality: we would compare virtual reality spectacular wipe-outs to real reality variety.


If you want to carry it to extremes, the whole notion becomes an explanation (of sorts) for the big bang (eh, don’t take this argument more seriously than I intend.)  What if… our existence is a virtual reality, supported by some mysterious means.  It occurs to us that although we can write virtual realities, good ones, it still helps to see real realities for comparison purposes.  So now imagine those virtual intelligences propose some kind of matter-based simulator of virtual reality, made of energy and matter.  Let there be light, big bang, etc.


OK cool, now consider a real-world equivalent to what I am suggesting: the RC model plane world.  Anyone who has followed that or ever goes to the local club recognizes that there is a pile of money invested in those models, which are really just toys, many k$ ja?  You know what I mean.  If not, go out there and see it for yourself.  Those models have become huge.  


If one is to become a famous modeler, it isn’t from building the most epic model, but rather the hapless goof whose plane made the most epic wipeout.


If you can watch this without laughing out loud, your sense of humor is put together a bit differently from mine:




This video has gotten nearly 7 million views, which makes it a big moneymaker for selling ad-space.


We could build robo-motorcycles with a pretty similar budget to these guys who build the big RC planes, because they can be engineered and built at home with tired old bikes, take off unnecessary ape-supporting stuff, add some actuators, extend the swing arm with a home welder setup (very easy to do) and off we go.  It occurred to me that I might be able to write the software to do this, given knowledge of the track (it wouldn’t be a go-anywhere, but a specific track racer.)



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