[ExI] Am I the only one freaked out by this?

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> >…I just can't see a happy ending to the Trump catastrophe. ​ John K Clark
> I can: this entire episode is weakening the office of the US presidency.  It has become fashionable to criticize the president once again.  Do so, early and often.  Weaken that office, into the future.  Oh that feels gooooood.

Let's hope that the outcome. However, ifthe past is a reliable guide, it seems this will be but a blip in the expansion of executive power. Why? Well, most people think of someone abusing power not in terms of that power being unchecked or too wide in scope, but in terms of a bad personal wielding that power. 

But it should be a relatively short wait to find out if you are right here. We just have to wait for Trump to leave office and maybe a term or two after that.

(I offer no forecast for 02020. Too far ahead. I do think it unlikely Trump will strong arm himself into a second term. But who knows? He has four years to try to set things up so that he won't lose. I actually believe something more subtle might happen --  it tanks in the streets, but dirt being 'leaked' on opposition leaders via domestic intelligence. The tanks in the streets scenario would almost certainly result in a civil war rather than a Trump victory. But leaking dirt on opposition leaders is likely to be seen to fit the 'politicians are all corrupt' formula. And pretty much they all are, no?)


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