[ExI] Am I the only one freaked out by this?

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>…leaking dirt on opposition leaders is likely to be seen to fit the 'politicians are all corrupt' formula. And pretty much they all are, no?)







Well sure, but it is more subtle than that.  I have never been let down by the generalization that power corrupts.  Its effect is seen on good guys and bad guys, but a more powerful office will attract corrupt power-grabbers.  So… if we reduce the power of those offices, fewer already-corrupt already power-grabby people will seek them.


I am encouraged by Julian Assange proving to be right all along: greater openness by government, even involuntary openness, forces a government to play by the rules.


To your point, all politicians are corrupt: some are more than others, but still power corrupts the good and the bad.  Openness gets them caught sooner, and perhaps delays their descent into corruption.



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