[ExI] Am I the only one freaked out by this?

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Wed Jan 25 21:19:41 UTC 2017

On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 12:16 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

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> Regarding gun rights, a civil war in the US cannot break out over that
> issue: one side has too big an advantage.  Thanks second amendment.

​In a confrontation between the NRA and the US Army I very much doubt the
NRA will win, and even if they do it the body count will be enormous.

​> ​
 Our current culture war has not even a single clear issue on which people
split left and right.  Can you think of one?
> ​No because the entire left vs right dichotomy ​
​is obsolete, the new one is 8 people vs 3.2 Billion.​

> Looking at how acrimonious was our last major election, can you see any
> major issue in which the candidates differed significantly?

f I try real hard I might be able to think of a few areas where the two
candidates differed on issues, such as:  Restarting the arms race.
Torturing people.  Putting your political opponent in jail. Abandoning
NATO. Calling the CIA Nazis. Strengthening the libel laws. Respecting the
outcome of presidential elections. Getting rid of the inheritance tax for
the mega-rich. Junking
with nothing to replace it. Making software companies put back-doors into
their software. Moving the USA's embassy to Jerusalem. Defaulting on the
national debt. Claiming vaccines cause autism and appointing a notorious
anti-vaccine nut to head a commission to "study" the issue. Building a
imbecilic wall. Fantasizing Mexico will pay for it. Making people pass a
religion test before they are allowed into the Country. Bombing the hell
out of "them". Stealing the oil from countries in the middle east that the
USA has invaded because " to the winner belong the spoils".

​> ​
It strains the imagination to think anyone would be willing to take up arms
against countrymen in order to allow unchecked immigration or buy foreign
manufactured goods cheaply.  Anything else?

​I think cancelling or annulling the results of the 2020 presidential
election could cause some people to take up arms. How about cancelling the
first amendment?  ​
​How about *NOT* cancelling the accelerating wealth gap?

John K Clark

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