[ExI] defensive perimeter in new zealand

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Thu Jan 26 17:11:20 UTC 2017


A popular topic recently has been the runaway wealth gap.  Here's a fun spin
on it.  The super rich are setting up safe spaces in New Zealand of all




Those 8 people who are in such peril for having more wealth than the poorest
several billion are setting up Apocalypse-Maybe retreats.  This concept
really caught my interest because I believe Chinese people have been doing
that in my own town for a long time, buying up homes in the area to use as
bank vaults and emergency landing strips in case China decides to remind its
wealthy capitalists that the government really owns everything.  In that
event, they would need to get out of town quickly, and take everyone they
care about.  Result: many homes in the area are meticulously maintained by
contractors but no one lives there.


It is easy enough for me to imagine a Chinese crackdown on having money.
Then suddenly many of these long-empty homes are occupied by new residents
with pleeeeenty of money, eager to buy additional homes.


So. American billionaires are setting up castles in New Zealand while
Chinese billionaires set up modest castles in America.


What a world.  {8^D



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