[ExI] Am I the only one freaked out by this? [GOV]

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### I think that Congress and President Trump should introduce Gun Security - a social insurance fund, supported by a general payroll tax, that would guarantee every citizen would have enough ammo even in the toughest of times.





There may be some merit in what you say sir, but I disagree.  Were such a system set up, the state governments would stand down, the population would become dependent.  Then at some future time, already easily foreseeable, the Federal government will be unable to meet its financial obligations as the world’s capital becomes aware of the precarious nature of the US government.  It ceases to lend to it in unison, fearing risk of default.  Then, the Fed can try raising taxes, but will see that this does not necessarily increase its revenue as the economy contracts.  Result: the population runs short of guns and ammo.  Widespread panic ensues.


My solution: keep the Fed out of gun business completely.



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