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>…we all know many cases in many areas, such a book publishing, where a great book had to go through a dozen publishers to find one that will print it…  BillW



Ja.  Now authors don’t need to go through the traditional publisher tyranny, and upstart musicians don’t need to pay their dues, which was often to service those in power in the entertainment industry.  The cost of entry dropped dramatically in the past 20 years.  Now we have a different challenge: how to find the good stuff among the deep piles of garbage, and how do content creators get paid?  That’s just the start: plenty of excellent content providers must compete with free.  It’s hard to sell excellent material when other excellent material is being given away.  Entertainment industry moguls could be going unlaid, porn star unable to make it today, when everything we have time to ogle is available free.  (BillW, that excellent link you provided a few weeks ago please?)  We could be losing untold new talent, just because they can’t make a living at it.  The internet has brutally destroyed an industry, ended careers in artistic copulation before they can even start.  


We have new business models to deal with shortened attention spans, such as YouTube selling ads on popular videos.  Consider one I posted last week, the two model planes suffering a mid-air encounter.  That video has nearly 7 million views.  The person who made that video was not the guy whose plane crashed; he was piloting the hapless drone at the time.  Models at that scale can cost as much as a good used car.  Model planes are not insured; his was clearly a smoldering-heap total loss.  But nothing stops the guy with the camera from making money, 2 cents a hit times 7 million hits, 140k$ for being there with a video camera.









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