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>…  That video has nearly 7 million views.  The person who made that video was not the guy whose plane crashed; he was piloting the hapless drone at the time.  Models at that scale can cost as much as a good used car.  Model planes are not insured; his was clearly a smoldering-heap total loss.  But nothing stops the guy with the camera from making money, 2 cents a hit times 7 million hits, 140k$ for being there with a video camera…spike



Fun thought experiment please, with a purpose.


Think about the most spectacular event you personally witnessed in your life, but don’t count some terrific rock concert or Olympic Games opening ceremony intended to be spectacular and being recorded by a jillion professionally-made devices.  Disregard those and think of the most spectacular or interesting thing you have witnessed which would draw a big audience on YouTube, had you a video camera on it when it happened.  It can be some really oddball wildlife encounter for instance, or the model plane crash described above, or anything you think would draw eyes on YouTube specifically to your video, the kinds of stuff that is popular on YouTube, getting enough hits to make money at it.  


I am asking for a reason.  I think the answers will be informative.









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