[ExI] NASA says it does not run a child sex slave ring on Mars

Dave Sill sparge at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 17:04:16 UTC 2017

On Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 11:27 AM, John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com> wrote:

> ​I have to say that a certain smell coming from the "let it burn" strain
> of libertarianism may be the reason that philosophy has failed to catch on.

Is it really necessary to make your text larger than everyone else's?

Even after I normalize it a reply you have to go back and re-enlarge it.
Sheesh. Whatever.

Yeah, I'm sure the country would be rabidly libertarian if not for the "let
it burn" strain. :rolleyes: The fact that half the voters are stupid enough
to vote for Trump and the other half are stupid enough to vote for Clinton
has nothing to do with it. The fact that we have a firmly entrenched
two-party system also probably doesn't play a role.

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