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it's hard to figure out why Trump is behaving as if he does. By the way,
Putin has said that Moscow prostitutes are "*of course the best in the

John K Clark

Putin is a role model for Trump.  A hard-nosed asshole/liar and much more.
With one friend he can write off all the other world leaders who can't
stand him.  Notice how Putin praised Trump's intelligence.

bill w

On Sun, Jul 9, 2017 at 12:26 PM, John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com> wrote:

> Speaking on foreign soil in Poland on July 6 2017 the day before he was to
> meet in secret with his good buddy Vladimir Putin, the Commander In Chief
> of the USA spoke about the conclusion 17 US agencies made about Russian
> illegally meddled in the US election to get him elected. Trump said:
> *"I heard it was 17 agencies. I said, boy, that’s a lot. Do we even have
> that many intelligence agencies? Right, let’s check that, We did some heavy
> research. It turned out to be three or four. It wasn’t 17"*
> Apparently Trump's very heavy research wasn't quite heavy enough because
> after my own heavy research (which took about 30 seconds with the help of
> Google) I discovered that the USA does indeed have 17 intelligence
> agencies, not 3 (or maybe 4). They are:
> 1) Air Force Intelligence,
> 2) Army Intelligence,
> 3) Central Intelligence Agency,
> 4) Coast Guard Intelligence,
> 5) Defense Intelligence Agency,
> ​6)​
> Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
> ​.​
> 7) Homeland Security Department,
> 8) Bureau of Intelligence and Research,
> 9) Office of Intelligence and Analysis,
> 10) Drug Enforcement Administration,
> 11) Federal Bureau of Investigation,
> 12) Marine Corps Intelligence,
> 13) National Geospatial Intelligence Agency,
> 14) National Reconnaissance Office,
> 15) National Security Agency,
> 16) Navy Intelligence
> 17) Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
> None of these 17 disagreed that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential
> election
> ​,​
> although some had no opinion and no information about it one way or
> another, for example the National Reconnaissance Office isn't likely to
> spot election tampering on spy satellite photos
> ​ or say much of anything about it​
> . In this matter the important ones are the FBI, CIA
> ​,​
> and NSA
> ​,​
> and by January of this year they all came to the same conclusion that
> Russia in general and Vladimir Putin in particular interfered in our
> election; even more important the Office of the Director of National
> Intelligence also agreed and its job is to tell the Presadent what the
> consensus of the other 16 intelligence agencies is on various subjects and
> how confident they are that their conclusion is correct. They have "high
> confidence", and that's as close as intelligence agencies ever get to
> saying they are absolutely certain.
> And just before he went into a sealed room for his secret talk with his
> boss
> ​Vlad The Impaler​
> ​whipped ​
> puppy dog Trump meekly
> ​ and publicly said for the record
> :
> *"Nobody really knows. Nobody really knows for sure."*
> If Putin doesn't have a pee tape of Trump with prostitutes
> ​in a Moscow hotel room it's hard to figure out why Trump is behaving as
> if he does. By the way, Putin has said that Moscow prostitutes are "*of
> course the best in the world*".​
> John K Clark
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