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> It has already been confirmed that vote counts were not interfered with.

​And it has also been confirmed that Russia hacked both the RNC and DNC
computers, though they only released the the Democratic dirt, the
Republican dirt they kept to themselves. And it has been confirmed that
Russia hacked ​Hillary Clinton's campaign manager's personal Email account
and stole thousands of Emails that contained embarrassing gossip that Trump
used every day for months to great effect in nearly all of his campaign

And there is more, Russian hackers altered US voter rolls and stole private
data from there:


After the astronomical success the Russians had in 2016 they will certainly
make a
even greater effort in 2020. Trump's idea to safeguard future elections
that he just mentioned today
is for the USA to form a joint cyber security unit with, believe it or not,
​ ​
​Republican Senator ​
Lindsey Graham
​said of this:​

 "*It's not the dumbest idea I have ever heard but it's pretty close,*"

> ​> ​
> So this is all about propaganda, fake news, etc.

That was certainly part of it, besides the hacking the Russians
orchestrated a huge disinformation campaign against Clinton. These stories
were so stupid (for example
I wouldn't have thought anybody could believe them, but it turned out
millions of voters did.



> ​> ​
> US spies never interfere in other nations, do they? Oh, I forgot for a
> moment about all the bombing, wars,

​So you're willing to make excuses for a foreign power ​that hacked our
election because this time it helped the man you like, but next election
Putin could just as easily help the guy you don't like. Don't you think
it's the duty of the Commander In Chief to make sure that doesn't happen?

 ​John K Clark​
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