[ExI] Simulating the brain (was Question for the psych squad?)

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> If infinities exist ontologically, then space-time is a continuum.

​Are Real Numbers really real? That may be one of the deepest questions
that can be asked ranking right up there with why is there something rather
than nothing. Mathematicians are always saying that mathematics is a
language, and language can be used to write both fact and fiction; so maybe
the Real Numbers are like a mathematical Harry Potter novel, entertaining
but not connected with reality. I'm not saying that is the case I'm only
saying maybe.

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> an AI running on a classical computer would be unlikely to
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> buy a lottery ticket unless it was programmed specifically to do so
> ​ ​
> because the odds make it inherently irrational.

​It would be ​
inherently irrational
​only if there is a linear relationship between the absolute value of the
sorrow of losing a dollar in a lottery ticket that didn't win and the joy
in winning a million dollars with a ticket that did win. But it might not
be linear, the factor could be much greater than one million.

Another feature of behavioral economics that an AI running on a classical
> computer would be unlikely to exhibit would be inequity aversion

​The AI would exhibit it if ​
inequity aversion
​ fostered social cohesion, and if individuals that learned to get along
got ahead. ​In general if your fellow human beings tend to like you then
your genes have a better chance of getting into the next generation than if
they detest you.

John K Clark

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