[ExI] delaware to california

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 16:15:46 UTC 2017

On 12 July 2017 at 16:20, spike  wrote:
>>… Is there a way to haul the ice to where it would get in an ocean current
>> that would carry it to California?...spike
> Or failing that, perhaps there is a way to set up multiple wind turbines on
> the surface of the ice, something like a smaller version of our big wind
> turbines.  If the wind is blowing toward the current we want to reach, we
> rotate the blades to generate power and drag, but if the wind is not blowing
> that direction, we feather the blades.  Might take a year or two to get the
> ice up there, but could we get to the rich people with half the original
> ice?  Failing that, could we haul the ice to South America?  Are there
> sufficient numbers of inventors down that way?  We never hear much about
> South America.  What the heck is down there?  Is it like… Peru and Brazil
> and France, such as that?

This iceberg is too big to tow. Putting stuff on the iceberg is also
risky as they tend to split up or flip over as they warm up and start
melting. There are also lots of small icebergs around down there that
ships would have to avoid. Oil companies often put a rope round small
icebergs and tow them a short distance away from rigs, but even this
is tricky, as the rope slips off or the iceberg flips over.

The cost of hiring huge tow ships for months, maybe a year, would be
astronomical. Cheaper to send tankers down there to fill up with fresh

This is a favourite topic - search tow icebergs.


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