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Wed Jul 12 17:33:06 UTC 2017

What the heck is down there?  Is it like… Peru and Brazil and France, such
as that?


I went to San Juan, Costa Rica, the most successful country in Central
America.  After a day or two I surmised that the richest person in the
country must be the razor wire seller.  A woman won't marry a man until he
has a place that is safe.

Actually looked at houses with a mind to move there.  Was told that I had
better make security my first priority, because sooner or later I would get
burglarized.  It's a poor place.  Unless you are a drug lord, and those
seem to be in charge of the countries, with Gov. officials on the take.

A guy in a bar told me that sure, he had the swimming pool and the girls,
but anyone with a Type A personality would go nuts there trying to get his
stuff from the USA without paying more in bribes than he paid for his
stuff.  If it's the Gov, bribe to get anything.  And yeah, I am type a all
the way and was permanently discouraged.  It's cheap south of the border
but it's not worth it

A friend moved here from Mexico and said it was no longer safe-  about
twenty years ago.  Certainly that now applies to others Central American
countries.  Seen the death rates lately?

I think the banana republic thing is still going on there, unless it's
Marxism destroying countries like Venezuela.

All of them third world, I reckon.  Don't go there.  I felt safe in Costa
Rica and saw some wonderful things, mostly on tours.  Did not go out at
night.  Did not go into most areas of the city.  Beautiful weather and an
hour from a beach.   More national park land than any other country in the
world.  Jungle.  Walk into the jungle until you can't see the clearing
anymore - a strange feeling.

My trip to France and Italy could not have been more different from what I
saw in CA.

bill w

On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 10:45 AM, Dave Sill <sparge at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 11:20 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
>> >… Is there a way to haul the ice to where it would get in an ocean
>> current that would carry it to California?...spike
>> Or failing that, perhaps there is a way to set up multiple wind turbines
>> on the surface of the ice, something like a smaller version of our big wind
>> turbines.  If the wind is blowing toward the current we want to reach, we
>> rotate the blades to generate power and drag, but if the wind is not
>> blowing that direction, we feather the blades.  Might take a year or two to
>> get the ice up there, but could we get to the rich people with half the
>> original ice?  Failing that, could we haul the ice to South America?  Are
>> there sufficient numbers of inventors down that way?  We never hear much
>> about South America.  What the heck is down there?  Is it like… Peru and
>> Brazil and France, such as that?
>  Harvesting the ice seems like a reasonable idea, but I wouldn't expect
> the entire sheet to stay together that long. And instead of turbines how
> about erecting sails? Sailing against the wind is common.
> -Dave
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