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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 22:10:21 UTC 2017

 Reply to all re drone:  Well, why not make them very small, quiet, armed
with bullets and not bombs.  I see that it cannot be done with what they
have now, so design something a bit more 'moral'.  It could be the perfect
assassination weapon.  I do see the point of no incentive to do this

On the other hand, I do read that Pakistan and Afghanistan (both, I think )
have bitterly complained about the collateral damage, so there is a bit of
incentive to redesign.

Maybe nanotechnology will come along and make this weapon almost too small
to see, like a wasp, carrying tiny darts full of poison.  Then of course
everyone will reverse engineer it and then Hell will break loose all over
the planet.  I am assuming that it could be controlled at a distance.

Where are the antiwar people taking the streets over these outrages?

bill w

On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 2:58 PM, BillK <pharos at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 12 July 2017 at 19:32, William Flynn Wallace  wrote:
> > Innocent people are killed by our drones.  (I don't know what one looks
> like
> > or how it acts.)  Why not put a camera on one of those helicopter-like
> > drones, with facial recognition software, and only take out the person
> > recognized as the target?
> >
> > Only tech can stop the killing of innocents, unless we just stop the wars
> > and go home (my choice).
> >
> The drones used are not the little multi-rotor devices that can carry
> a camera and not much else.
> The military version is fixed wing aircraft that carry Hellfire
> missiles or Paveway guided bombs.
> As you might guess these are pretty destructive devices.
> One estimate is that the Hellfire missile has a ‘kill radius’ of 50
> feet (15 metres) and a ‘wounding radius’ of 65 feet (20 metres); the
> GBU-12 Paveway II has a ‘casualty radius’ of between 200 and 300 feet
> (within which 50 per cent of people will be killed).
> It may be possible in the future to miniaturise everything and get a
> device that can seek out a specific person and kill them, but at
> present that's science fiction.
> BillK
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