[ExI] collateral damage/reply to all

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 22:52:04 UTC 2017

On 12 July 2017 at 23:10, William Flynn Wallace  wrote:
>  Reply to all re drone:  Well, why not make them very small, quiet, armed
> with bullets and not bombs.  I see that it cannot be done with what they
> have now, so design something a bit more 'moral'.  It could be the perfect
> assassination weapon.  I do see the point of no incentive to do this
> On the other hand, I do read that Pakistan and Afghanistan (both, I think )
> have bitterly complained about the collateral damage, so there is a bit of
> incentive to redesign.
> Maybe nanotechnology will come along and make this weapon almost too small
> to see, like a wasp, carrying tiny darts full of poison.  Then of course
> everyone will reverse engineer it and then Hell will break loose all over
> the planet.  I am assuming that it could be controlled at a distance.
> Where are the antiwar people taking the streets over these outrages?

Yes, it is an outrage. But it is also a pointless outrage as drone
strikes and bombs are making the situation worse. In these countries
almost everyone now hates Americans. The only ones who 'help' the
Americans are corrupt people who take US money, misuse money meant for
reconstruction and use US forces to kill their enemies by telling the
US that their enemies are terrorists. The US forces are stuck in a
hellhole quagmire.


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