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On Jul 12, 2017, at 3:10 PM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Reply to all re drone:  Well, why not make them very small, quiet, armed with bullets and not bombs.  I see that it cannot be done with what they have now, so design something a bit more 'moral'.  It could be the perfect assassination weapon.  I do see the point of no incentive to do this
> On the other hand, I do read that Pakistan and Afghanistan (both, I think ) have bitterly complained about the collateral damage, so there is a bit of incentive to redesign.
> Maybe nanotechnology will come along and make this weapon almost too small to see, like a wasp, carrying tiny darts full of poison.  Then of course everyone will reverse engineer it and then Hell will break loose all over the planet.  I am assuming that it could be controlled at a distance.
> Where are the antiwar people taking the streets over these outrages?

There have been protests, though, for the most part, these don't get well reported. This was especially so under the last president. Now much of it gets even more swallowed up in partisan politics. (Overall, whoever is in power will get a pass from their fellow party members for carrying out the same bad policies. In this case, too, the added component is that the problems fall mainly on foreigners in foreign lands that few Americans will ever visit -- save for those in the military.)


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