[ExI] AR glasses soon to replace screens from computers and smartphones

Henrik Ohrstrom henrik.ohrstrom at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 14:30:44 UTC 2017

I have the Meta Development kit, that one is not ready for the masses...
And Meta lacks apps in a serious way.
The idea is on the verge though.
You do need all the involved applications to be AR aware and capable of
presenting information in the AR setting. If not, then you have a flashy
demo but no real product.
For a limited setting, like for example an intensive care or anaesthesia
workstation, it is possible to fake it with an external service handling
the presentation of information.  Except for all the big companies who only
work with "leading actors" on the international market, but they seriously
fail the AR aware requisite.
The projected price for the Meta 2 have dropped from a fully impossible
$3500 to a still too high $949, if you get to buy them at all that is. I
only have the Development kit thanks to kickstarter.

Den fre 28 juli 2017 07:59BillK <pharos at gmail.com> skrev:

> People are already replacing their desktop computers with smartglasses
> 25 Jul 2017
> <
> http://uk.businessinsider.com/meta-ar-startup-employees-replace-computers-with-smartglasses-video-2017-7/
> >
> Quote:
> One Silicon Valley company is actually doing this right now. Meta is a
> startup making an AR headset, and it's asking its employees to put
> away their desktop computers and instead do their daily work inside
> the Meta 2 headset.
> Although Meta's engineers rebelled at first, according to Bloomberg,
> the company's marketing, sales, and operations departments have
> provided a lot of useful feedback because of the experiment.
> Meta's desktop-discarding experiment is possible because Meta has
> developed a piece of software for its headset it calls Workspace.
> In Workspace, users can pop up several browser windows inside the
> headset — perhaps one to play a YouTube video and another to work on a
> document. Software exists to create and place virtual sticky notes,
> photos of your family, or even digital houseplants around your desk.
> Basically, you can create your own virtual dream office.
> ------------------
> There is a 2.5 min demo video at the link.
> It is an early version, but you can see how it will develop.
> With smaller headsets (like Google Glass) and improved software,
> screens could well disappear.
> I'm not sure about contact lens screens, but it might end up like that.
> BillK
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