[ExI] AR glasses soon to replace screens from computers and smartphones

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 16:06:44 UTC 2017

The latest version of Google Glass AR is already in use in factory /
medical situations where an instruction manual can be paged through as
the work progresses. This is ideal as it leaves the user's hands free
to do the work.

I've just read another article that says that gesture recognition is
the next big step needed in AR. Many versions of the necessary GUI are
being worked on to find the most suitable environment for general use.

Lots of changes ahead!


On 28 July 2017 at 15:30, Henrik Ohrstrom wrote:
> I have the Meta Development kit, that one is not ready for the masses... And
> Meta lacks apps in a serious way.
> The idea is on the verge though.
> You do need all the involved applications to be AR aware and capable of
> presenting information in the AR setting. If not, then you have a flashy
> demo but no real product.
> For a limited setting, like for example an intensive care or anaesthesia
> workstation, it is possible to fake it with an external service handling the
> presentation of information.  Except for all the big companies who only work
> with "leading actors" on the international market, but they seriously fail
> the AR aware requisite.
> The projected price for the Meta 2 have dropped from a fully impossible
> $3500 to a still too high $949, if you get to buy them at all that is. I
> only have the Development kit thanks to kickstarter.
> /Henrik

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