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>> Libertarianism is on the Far Left.​ I question whether John ever was a libertarian in any meaningful sense. 
> ​So you think I'm a rightist and​ Tomaz Kristan ​thinks I'm a leftest. ​I think you're both wrong.

There are different parts of the Right. For instance, both Clinton and Trump are on the Right (as is most mainstream US politics). Yet, they aren't the same. You supported Clinton -- evidence for you being on the Right. 

>> ​> ​Sure, he might have fancied himself one, but ​[...]​
> ​I was never a big L Libertarian and after the 2016 election and ​​Mr. What​ Is ​Aleppo​ ​I never will be. If the Libertarian Party didn't exist I don't believe Donald Trump would be president today and I can never forgive them for that. However I remain a small l libertarian. 

Gary Johnson is not (and was not) a libertarian. (Ron Paul also is not a libertarian. He's a conservative with many libertarian positions. Gary Johnson appears to be and have a moderate -- in US terms -- statist with some libertarian stances.) Not was his running mate. The LP is not the gauge of what's libertarian. 

Perhaps you could simply tell us what you mean by 'libertarian' and 'classical libertarian.' 


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