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> There are different parts of the Right. For instance, both Clinton and
> Trump are on the Right (as is most mainstream US politics). Yet, they
> aren't the same.

​Therefore when describing a political belief this entire ​
​left-right dimension is not necessary or sufficient. There is no
general agreement on what is left and what is right, so if you tell me that
X is a rightest I have no idea what he thinks about free trade or
economic responsibility or
Vladimir Putin
​. ​

> ​> ​
> You supported Clinton -- evidence for you being on the Right.

​When the only alternative is Donald Trump I would have supported anyone​,
except maybe
Charles Manson
​. And ​
Ted Cruz

​> ​
> Gary Johnson is not (and was not) a libertarian.

​Nor was he much of a scholar of current events.  ​

> ​> ​
> The LP is not the gauge of what's libertarian.

​I agree, if it was I'd proudly say I am NOT a libertarian, ​I'm just a guy
who believes in free trade free markets the free press and the right to put
any drug you like into your body including heroin and cobra venom. I'm also
a guy who thinks it might be nice if civilization continued.

> ​> ​
> Perhaps you could simply tell us what you mean by 'libertarian' and
> 'classical libertarian.'

​I have gone into that issue in some detail in posts I sent this very day.
So I think it's your turn to explain what libertarianism is and how even a
little thing like the advancement of AI doesn't require the modification of
it in any way. I am all ears.

 John K Clark
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