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On Sun, Mar 12, 2017 PM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com> wrote

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> Re changing political opinions:  perhaps the best measure of intelligence,
> and my favorite, is the ability to adapt to new situations.

That is a pretty good definition, and situations have always changed and
the rate of change will accelerate as the singularity
approaches, so unwavering libertarian purity is not a sign of intelligence.
Actually unwavering anything is not a sign of intelligence.

And speaking of acceleration, apparently Trump doesn't think the
accelerating wealth gap is accelerating fast enough. Under Trumpcare people
who have the top 1% income will save $33,000, and those in the top .1%,
that is people who make more than 3 million a year, will save $197,000. At
the other end of the wealth spectrum
a 64-year-old earning $15,000 a year
​ will have to pay​
​ more, and
a 55-year-old earning $25,000
​ would have to pay
​ more.

And just today t
he Congressional Budget Office
 the number of people
​with no health insurance of any sort will under Trumpcare increase by 1
4 million
​by this time next year, and the number will reach 24 million by 2026. All
this is of course a bad news for poor people but it is also bad news for
rich people because it will decrease the likelihood their heads will remain
firmly attached to their shoulders.

​So given the above definition is Trump intelligent?

  John K Clark
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