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On Wed, Mar 15, 2017  Will Steinberg <steinberg.will at gmail.com> wrote:

>  And the [GOV] tag is because
> ​ [...]

​You act as if this were ​a long honored
​Extropian ​tradition. I
n the entire history of the list how many threads have used the [GOV]​

​tag?​ 2? 3?

​> ​
> John if you remember I was nearly as vocal and profane as you when telling
> people how awful of an idea it would be (and was) to vote for anyone but
> Hillary.

​And that is to your credit, but w
hat I remember most vividly is a order of magnitude more anti-Hillary
rhetoric on this list than anti-Trump.   ​

​> ​
> If anyone was wondering, here is the original post in this thread just so
> it doesn't get buried:
>> ​>>  ​
>> Re changing political opinions:  perhaps the best measure of
>> intelligence, and my favorite, is the ability to adapt to new situations.
​And a changing situation is why I have very recently had to adapt my
previous opinion that the amount of money you have should strictly be a
function of the nature of your job, how well you do that job, how wisely
you choose your parents, and any coins the rich *voluntarily* deem to throw
your way. I no longer think that idea is compatible with the long term
survival of civilization.

I have a hunch that is not
the last core belief I will need to modify before the singularity, and I
also have a hunch many if not most on this list disagree and
​today ​
have the exact same libertarian philosophy they had a decade ago despite
radically different circumstances. But I could be wrong, it wouldn't be the
first time.

​ John K Clark​

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