[ExI] the ultimate invasion of privacy?

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I can imagine an alternative deal whereby a health insurance company would offer a discount in exchange for a spit sample.


Scenario: insurance company with millions of clients with DNA is able to do correlation studies, do a pumped-up version of what 23&Me attempted and mostly failed to do.  23&Me relied on participant surveys.  This is some of the least reliable data sets imaginable: most patients don’t know what is wrong with them.  Now if the insurance companies had this info, they know what is wrong with the patients because they pay the medical bills.  For the price of privacy, humanity could have access to more medically-useful DNA/disease correlations.


In exchange, perhaps we could require the insurance companies to make the knowledge public domain?


Alternative: a volunteer identity-obscured data pool whereby participants would give their medical records and DNA to the whole scientific world, knowing that it might involve personal sacrifices.


Alternative: a volunteer identity-included public domain DNA and medical records database?  We could perhaps get volunteers among the elderly who have little to lose and much to give?



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