[ExI] the ultimate invasion of privacy?

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For the price of privacy, humanity could have access to more medically-useful DNA/disease correlations.



>…Do you all think it's fair that a person has to give up his DNA in order to get health insurance, or pay a big premium if he doesn't?  Because I think that's where it is headed.  bill w




BillW, our society still hasn’t figured out what we are going to do with this problem of medical insurance.  We are so accustomed to looking at it from the insurance consumers point of view, we neglect to ask ourselves what we would do, absent all government regulation, were we to create a business betting on our client’s health.  The less we know about the client, the more we much charge to cover the risk cost.  I wouldn’t want to be in that biz myself, even if I knew it made good money: too many ethical dilemmas.




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