[ExI] Quantum consciousness, quantum mysticism, and transhumanist engineering

Ben bbenzai at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 16 23:29:19 UTC 2017

Brent Allsop <brent.allsop at gmail.com> wrote:

 > "If you think a redness experience is a set of neurons firing in a 
particular pattern, then just substitute that idea whenever I use the 
term glutamate"

This is my point: Yes, I do think that 'redness' is a certain set of 
neurons firing in a particular pattern /in my brain/.

Or at least "A red ball right in front of me" is. The abstract concept 
of 'redness' is likely to be more diverse, and probably corresponds to a 
whole bunch of different patterns in different networks of neurons, 
depending on the context in which the abstract concept arises.

In someone else's brain, it is very likely to be a different set of 
neurons firing in a different pattern. You are assuming that it will be 
the same in everyone. I'm not. In fact, I'm assuming it is almost 
certainly different in everyone. I'm quite on board with the idea that 
there are at least 7 billion different ways of producing the subjective 
experience of something that can be expressed as "a red ball right in 
front of me".

Ben Zaiboc

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