[ExI] HUM: GOV: Trump boosts office supplies economy

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 16:29:56 UTC 2017

(Sorry - I couldn't resist it!)  :)

Trump Haters Spent Millions Making Protest Signs

Trump protesters boost January sales of poster board, markers
16 March 2017, 16:55 GMT

Here’s one gauge of the rekindled American enthusiasm for political
protest: Sales of poster boards, markers and other sign-making
supplies jumped more than 30 percent in the week before Donald Trump’s
inauguration and the Jan. 21 Women’s March, according to data from the
NPD Group, which tracks sales of consumer goods.

That week, Americans spent an estimated $6 million on supplies—not
insignificant considering that many of the individual items cost $1 or


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