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Mike do you agree the turbulence of the water inside the tire would settle down once we are at steady freeway speed?

>…What drugs do we have too much or too little of that this is how we spend our time? 



Ummmm… This might not be a good time to mention that my first set of nanogeezers are in the mail and on their way here.




A friend and former colleague made a set of 8 on a 3D printer, all of different aspect ratios, did two trials of manually rolling them and recording the results, 8 nanogeezers, 100 rolls.  He commented that he found it exhausting.  So I am thinking of ways to mechanize that process.  Good chance I will work on that rather than the fish experiment because my son could use it for school.  They don’t allow experiments on animals these days, which is probably a good thing.  Nanogeezers are fair game, and it has a cool software angle: I can have him write the sim in Python while I do the 3D version.


Even though I am a total drude, I might acknowledge that some drugs are fun.  On the other hand, I know of no recreational drug I could ingest that can benefit arbitrary numbers of my math geek friends.  In that sense, drugs mere mental masturbation.  But if we do the math geek projects, anyone who wants to participate can benefit.  It is more like a simultaneous online multiscreen Skype masturbatory orgy.


All of this causes me to ask a Bobby Kennedy-esque question: are there already simultaneous online multiscreen Skype masturbatory orgies?  Why not?



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