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Sat Mar 18 17:35:07 UTC 2017

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>>...You come back and mechanic tells the story, you get to look at her like
she is hallucinating: you found WHAT?  Dead fish?  Inside my tire?  Hey I
know a great drug rehab program nearby... and so on...spike

>...Spike how the hell do you even think of weird crap this this?

I don't know man.  It just happens, natural causes.  

I consider my best contribution in 15 yrs of moderating ExI-chat is
abolishing the rule that one may not reply to one's own post.  I took the
old Bobby Kennedy approach and looked at something that had never been and
asked Why not?  It is not at all clear that he was promoting flushing
aquarium fish into a tire or posting in reply to oneself, but...Why not?
What if you post some goofy idea that the crowd is too embarrassed to even
acknowledge, then come up with still more goofy ideas to support the first
one?  Kennedy would likely agree that fish in a tire is a perfect example of
something which has never been, ja?

And why not reply to one's own post, if you get a fun wacky idea?  Those
things do tend to happen in series.

So if you need a reminder, it is perfectly OK to reply to one's own posts.


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