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Hi BillK, 

>>>...Cool but not applicable to fish, even tetras.

>>...I can imagine an approach using a rear-wheel drive car or truck.  Get a
rim, mount your fish-container on it, balance the rim with a counter-weight,
go out somewhere far away from potential bystanders/victims of your
foolishness...There is no try.  There is only do.  Or do not...spike

>...Eh, scratch that, better idea.  Electric motorcycle, rear wheel, relieve
pressure, remove threaded core on Schrader valve, attach tube with water
reservoir and tetras, flush the scaly beasts into tire (you could make a
movie about it (call it Spinning Dory)) ... whaaaaaat in the helllllll????

Think of the wordplay potential:  spike, this in-tire idea is absurd.  Fish
are not playthings.

I thought of an additional shortcoming of the in-tire approach: if we want
to avoid dismounting the tire from the rim after the experiment, we would
need an endoscope to do the post-test observations our test subjects.   Ja? 

So after the test, we relieve the tire pressure, remove valve core, insert
fiber-optic endoscope thru hole, make YouTube videos of tetras swimming in

Of course, it is easier to flush the tetras into the tire than it is to
flush them back out, so it is in-tirely possible that we must leave the
hapless beasts in their rubbery tomb for the remainder of their lives, kinda
analogous to Mars One but with a different species, but even that would have
potential for a terrific gag.  Run the test, make video, replace valve core,
pump the tire, ride the bike all over the place, wear out the tire, take it
to the local bike shop and Hey, can you change a tire for me, and imagine
the puzzled look, especially if you can find a mechanic who has been at it
for three or more decades yet has never found water and dead fish on the
shop floor after changing a tire.  You come back and mechanic tells the
story, you get to look at her like she is hallucinating: you found WHAT?
Dead fish?  Inside my tire?  Hey I know a great drug rehab program nearby...
and so on.  

Oh that would be a kick worth sacrificing a dozen tetras, at least from the
human point of view.

But I digress.


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