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On 18 March 2017 at 16:59, spike wrote:
>>...I can imagine an approach using a rear-wheel drive car or truck.  
>>Get a rim, mount your fish-container on it, balance the rim with a
counter-weight, go out somewhere far away from potential bystanders/victims
of your foolishness...

>...I think you need to fire up your Matlab to calculate what rpm / wheel
diameter produces sufficient g-force. You may not be able to get sufficient
rpm...  BillK

I did that BillK.  Using my truck which has 19 inch rims and 30 inch
diameter tires, the speed limit on US freeways would produce about 150 g,
assuming the test subject container is mounted at the perimeter of the rim.

Assuming a horizontal axle to prevent having to tip my truck on its side,
the water-bound beasts would suffer a pulsating acceleration plus or minus
one g, but that might not mess up the results all that much.  What would
mess up the results all that much is if my truck with the cruise control set
for freeway speeds and no one on board were to fall off the jacks.  That
would transform an admittedly bizarre experiment into an epic fail,
depending on what direction my particular two tons of Detroit V8 was set to
hurtling with robot-like disregard for things over which we carbon units
tend to obsess, such as human safety and massive destruction of property.

As I think it over, Master Yoda's option of "do not" is sounding a bit more


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