[ExI] Fish in space

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 19:39:04 UTC 2017

On 18 March 2017 at 16:59, spike wrote:
>>...I can imagine an approach using a rear-wheel drive car or truck.  Get a
> rim, mount your fish-container on it, balance the rim with a counter-weight,
> go out somewhere far away from potential bystanders/victims of your
> foolishness...There is no try.  There is only do.  Or do not...spike
> Eh, scratch that, better idea.  Electric motorcycle, rear wheel, relieve
> pressure, remove threaded core on Schrader valve, attach tube with water
> reservoir and tetras, flush the scaly beasts into tire (you could make a
> movie about it (call it Spinning Dory)) replace Schrader valve core, pump
> the tire (just enough to seal the bead (1 atmosphere should be plenty)) turn
> the bike sideways, run it up to an indicated about 40 mph.  With the
> vertical-axis centrifuge, you get a really pure 100 g without a sinusoidal
> 99-101g you get with a horizontal-axis truck tire, yet still retain the
> delightful aspect of having baffled passersby utter an entirely new
> application for the old phrase: whaaaaaat in the helllllll????

I think you need to fire up your Matlab to calculate what rpm / wheel
diameter produces sufficient g-force. You may not be able to get
sufficient rpm. The inventors of the cardboard centrifuge tried
different sizes of spinners and found that increasing the size
drastically reduced the spin speed.
The 1,000 mph car has to have special steel wheels to avoid the wheels
disintegrating fron the rotational forces. I remember that some
plastic CDs (remember them?) disintegrated in the drive mechanism.

Maybe a small spinner with two opposed small plastic bottles with one
fish in each bottle might be feasible. The fish should survive if not
kept too long in the bottles. You might need to use thin plastic
instead of cardboard.


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