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>…Wouldn't a tire full of water be completely unlike a centrifuge?




>…So now you'll have to put some baffles to keep the water in place instead of turning into a maelstrom. Yeah, this experiment is baffling enough already. 





Hi Mike,


Do let us consider this from the fish’s POV.  During the acceleration phase there would be a radial flow of the water and turbulence, but if the tire is spinning at a constant rate, the fish eventually see the water settle down and become quiescent.


I came up with still another idea which still involves trucks but I think would be safer than jacking up the back end.  Consider a one-ton dually such as this sweet rig:




If one is not carrying a load, one can run a dually on a single tire per side aft.  So we take a dually, remove one of the outboard tires, replace it with a smaller rim with a lower-profile tire than the inboard tire and rim.  Now the load is being carried on the inboard tire on one side and the outboard tire is about 5 to 8 cm off the pavement.  Truck tires have those big valves, so we could do the old remove the threaded valve stem trick as suggested earlier today, insert fish, replace valve, pump up tire, go for a ride on the freeway.  


The reasoning behind pumping the tire is to minimize deformation of the tire under load.  Estimation: truck tire about 15 cm across, diameter about .8 m, so circumference about 2.5 m times width, about 0.4 square meters, so water depth all the way around of about 2.5 cm gives us about .01 cubic meters or about 10 liters of water, freeway speeds make about 150 g, so outward force from the water is about a 1.5 tons radial.  My engineering intuition suggests a truck tire could take that load easily.


We could even pump the tire with oxygen to help the fish have a better attitude toward the whole adventure.


Now here’s the kinda tricky part.  We want to view the fish during the experiment.  I don’t know if a GoPro or equivalent can take 150 g, but my guess is that it can.  We could rig up a light source and camera by drilling and tapping a mount on the rim so that we can turn on the camera from a control switch mounted on our side of the rim.  OK now we put the fish in there, turn on the camera, go out on the freeway and go for a drive.  At some point in the ride we get to see when the fish begin their spiral swimming dance.  YouTube video gets a jillion hits, we sell advertising, we are rich and famous.  Or I am.  Slightly.


This wouldn’t require any special equipment.  It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.  Only more like spinning fish in a tire.


Mike do you agree the turbulence of the water inside the tire would settle down once we are at steady freeway speed?



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