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They know that long term exposure at zero-g is harmful to humans because
there is a way to test for that and they have done so, but the only way to
know if living for a long time at lunar 1/6 g or at martian 1/3 g ​is
harmful is to send astronauts to the Moon or Mars and have them life there
for a long time.

There are a few other ways, mostly of the form putting (human proxy) in
(low G environment) for (time duration), but NASA has done none of them.

As far as radiation exposure is concerned it's pretty clear there is a
and it's somewhere around

On the surface of the Earth you get
about 2.4
per *year*
from normal
background radiation

Is that 100 mSv over a certain duration?  Otherwise, at 2.4 per year, you'd
reach your lifetime cap in about 42 years - and many, many people live to
well past double that.
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