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​The average UK citizen lives to be 81.2 years old and spends  $4003 a year on healthcare, the average USA citizen lives to be 79.3 years old and spends $9451 on healthcare…John K Clark




How do we account for the ongoing drug wars in Chicago and other major US cities?  If a drug gangster shoots another 19 year old drug gangster, does that average in to life expectancy?  Why?  What if a drug gang captures a member of a rival gang, takes him to the parking lot of the local hospital, shoot him, he crawls up to the ER, racks up huge bills.  How does that count?


Alternative: take a group of living 60 yr olds, the kind of people unlikely to perish in these drug wars.  How do those compare between those countries?


Another observation: it is meaningless to compare socialist countries with capitalist countries, because socialist countries can theoretically raise more funds at the federal level than capitalist governments can.  The US government is already very close to the maximum revenue it can generate.



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