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> Slaveholding George Washington

​All rich men in Virginia were slaveholders at the time, and as Virginia
was largest and richest state the first commander and chief was almost
certainly going to be a slaveholder. ​And unlike Jefferson at least
Washington freed his slaves when he died. Hey, better late than never.

> ​>​
> wasn't a radical.

​The British ​
​though otherwise. If Washington has lost the war he would have been
hanged. ​

> ​> ​
> Had history been slightly different

​George Washington would ​have been the first king of the USA, instead
after 8 years he chose to give up power and go home. That is very rare.

​> ​
> Also, libertarianism as a form of radical politics isn't about seizing
> power.

​Then ​
​ is a trivial movement that should be of no interest to a serious minded

​> ​
> It always is funny in a way that makes me want to puke how self-proclaimed
> libertarians don't know this.

​I've always been a ​
​ but at one time I was a radical libertarian like you, and I thought
government should go away entirely, but over the years I've come to realize
like it or not government simply isn't going away this side of the
singularity, so I just must learn to live with it. ​Yes if we were starting
from scratch we could do better, but we're not starting from scratch.

 John K Clark
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