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>...Dr. Watson, I presume...


>...Now it's doctors facing unemployment!



Noooooo on the contrary.  If we take steps to make doctors more affordable, we can go see them.  I have full medical coverage; I don't go to the medics.  The deductible has gone crazy high since O-care.  

I can imagine super-specialist who are really more like chiropractors, where insurance doesn't cover them, but really insurance doesn't cover most stuff now, in a practical sense, because of that deductible.

But if we had ordinary people who are priced out of the college market (and don't really like the idea of them acting as indoctrination camps anyway) go study one very specific area of health and wellbeing, with everything in between, that might work.  We can imagine a kind of pharmacist who you talk to and show her what is wrong, she decides if the commercial products might help you and so forth.

Physicians would still have a job, but they would be the tougher cases.  They don't need to see every sniffly nose and dirty bottom, they really don't need to see every case where a host of medical problems are caused by flab-meisters sitting on our lazy butts in front of the computer all day munching twinkies.  We know that is bad for us, we know how to fix it, we don't need expensive doctors to tell us.  We can have specialists work that, somebody like a PE coach or a foxy babe who encourages us to move our asses, who would refer the sick patients on up if they really need it.

We need to really think about new career paths in medicine and other areas rather than just watch the old ones fall away one by one while we wring our hands.


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