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>…I imagine with Amazon drone delivery, your co-signed drugs could be flown to you within mere minutes.

>…The decision for who should be allowed what category of drugs goes to a discussion of philosophy and politics and economics.  Regardless of your philosophy or the philosophy of the legislators, there exists powerful entities who leverage the law to maintain their revenue streams.  I don't expect anything this side of the singularity to break that hegemony…




Hmmm, suspect that will not fly.  Patient orders opiates, drone, neighbor’s teenager shoots it down with a clever pressurized water stream, devours medications, hallucinates, slays other neighbor.  Who is liable?  Probably Amazon because they have the deepest pockets, and whatever company manufactured the tank used to pressurize the water jet would be the next obviously guilty deep pockets.  Clearly the murderous teenager is innocent, for she has no money.



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