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​> ​
> Well somebody had to be first and so maybe we are the second.

​So in a observable universe ​
 27,600,000,000 light years in diameter the only other technological
civilization just happens to be only 1480 light years away and Kepler just
happened to find it even though it was looking at 1/400 of the sky and it
just happened to find it when ET had the technological chops to build 5% of
a Dyson Sphere but no more? Doesn't seem very likely.

There's no reason to think it would be the only one. It would just be the
only one we can see YET. You know as well as I do that the farther we look,
the older the information is. There could be plenty of dyson swarmed stars,
but we might not see them for millions of years.

​and ​it said the lifetime of a star of that mass would only be about 40%
that of our sun, so
Tabby's Star
​ must be much younger than our sun, too little time I think for Evolution
to produce beings smart enough to build 5% of a Dyson Sphere.

I mean, there's always a chance that humans are the idiots of the universe,
and other species could have a much more developed intellect. Or a single
language. Or not as prone to epidemic. Or not so religious. Or they don't
experience societal collapses like we do. Under more socially favorable
conditions, we might have significantly more advanced technology.
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