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Fri Nov 10 17:48:41 UTC 2017

When last we heard from our intrepid adventurer:

*I'm the eccentric rich guy who writes the checks, he's the*
*experienced and grounded business guy who does the work.  "A drunkard's*
*dream if I ever did see one."  We launch in eight days or so.*

--------Heads up to John Clark----------
Glad to be back John, and glad you're still here. One of the best of
the Exi list.  I've always appreciated your uncompromising rigor.

So here I am, writing the checks, while other people do the work. What
a sweet arrangement! Wish I'd figured that out 40 years ago.  Ahhh,

Every other day I'd check in with my guy putting pieces together, and
we'd chat about the plan going forward.

Now one of the issues was marketing. Any fundraising effort has to
reach out to potential investors to let them know you're there, so
they can evaluate your project and send you some money.   Our strategy
was to deploy a major marketing effort.  Establish our brand.  Be the
first in the crypto space to do so.  To this day no one has branded
themselves as a -- much less  ****the**** -- cryptocurrency Investment

At this point that the big guy, in his managerial savvy, decided to
kill two birds with one stone. He says, let's have a Moonshot.   All
the big players have one, it's the latest thing.   So he says to me,
"You take charge of the Moonshot?"  (This keeps the wild man -- me --
out of his way, while the grounded business guy -- he -- works in the

Thus I came to realize one of the great advantages of being the guy
who writes the checks. I get to do whatever I want to do.  Yeah, baby!
 The fun stuff, please.  I'll take the fun stuff.  You want a
Moonshot?  A Moonshot you shall have.  What then might that be?

And so I circled back to all the transhumanist projects accumulated
over 20 years, the adventures I, or any of my >h tribe have longed to
see emerge from out the >h dream space.   Something of global
prominence.  Something fueled by human urgency.  Hmmmmm.   Okay then,
let's solve the global warming problem.  That's the ticket.

Now I presume you guys have been alert, and noticed the thorium
molten-salt reactor(TMSR) business.  Have you also been keeping track
of the progress of the Perovskite Solar Cell(PSC) effort?   Well, I
decided to put the two of them together and create a vehicle --  a
twofer --  a project to simultaneously remediate global warming while
also serving as a marvelous publicity vehicle for Pathfinder's own

Note: It hardly needs mentioning that replacing all the current
coal-fired electricity generation, plus the additional energy of a
rapidly modernizing world, plus the additional energy that will be
required when electricity replaces gasoline in the world's cars,...
well, yuuuge!  It's no way a one company thing, it's going to require
everybody, as in EV RE BODY, and the entire spectrum of energy
generation technologies. I'm under no illusion that the Pathfinder
Moonshot is going to do the whole job, we're just going to get the
ball rolling, clear the path, as it were.  In this regard, the
inclusion of PSC is dual purpose. On the one hand we need solar
because we need energy from every possible source, and on the other
hand solar gives political cover -- re the environmental issue -- to
Thorium nuclear.

So, there it is: The Pathfinder Moonshot.  Fix global warming.
Megalomania.  You should try it some time.  What fun!

I won't go into detail -- I've got work to do, and must get back to it
-- but I reached out to the various TMSR projects -- Flibe,
Transatomics, Terrestrial Energy -- I missed the Chinese and Indian
projects; I really have to reach out to them as well -- until, at
last, I came across ThorCon Power, and it was love at first sight.
Their attitude, approach, team, and engineering style resonated with
me like we were all on the same frequency.   So long story short,
we're over the hump and working towards funding them a couple hundred
million dollars with an ICO.

(The PSC aspect has yet to be secured, but I'm working on it.)

Is that enough?  Are we having fun yet?   Mayhap.

But there's more.  And I'll get to that in the coming days.  Yee hah!

Best, Jeff Davis

        "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                                                  Ray Charles
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