[ExI] Cryonics Alexandre Erler and bad philosophy

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>…Why not try it on an opt-in or cost-plus basis? Sure, there are folks who like the idea of direct reanimation from existing tissue and they might insist on keeping the old protocol but why should the rest of us be tied to this technology. Ultrastructure after suspension is the reasonable basis for choosing one technology over another, and here ASC wins hands down…



Seems like a business op to offer a low-cost alternative to cryonics.  You could buy all your own stuff ahead, then pay Alcor to do not a heck of a lot more than put your head in a jar of preservative and keep the door locked.


I can imagine plenty of people who might opt for a few-thousand clam alternative, even if they go in knowing it is a longshot.  Funerals are expensive: if it gets you out of that expense it might get some takers.









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