[ExI] Cryonics Alexandre Erler and bad philosophy

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Mon Nov 27 14:56:36 UTC 2017

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> Seems like a business op to offer a low-cost alternative to cryonics.  You
> could buy all your own stuff ahead, then pay Alcor to do not a heck of a
> lot more than put your head in a jar of preservative and keep the door
> locked.
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> I can imagine
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> plenty of people who might opt for a few-thousand clam alternative, even
> if they go in knowing it is a longshot.  Funerals are expensive: if it gets
> you out of that expense it might get some takers.

I don't think ASC would be any cheaper than ALCOR's current method, it
might even cost more, but I do think it would be better, possibly much
better.  With ASC you'd still have to carefully infuse the brain with
cryoprotectant, its just
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with ASC you'd also infuse it with glutaraldehyde. And for the long term
you'd still have to store the brain in liquid nitrogen at -196C.  Actually
-135C would be slightly better for both methods, going colder than -135
produces some cracks, but the cracks are very narrow and its pretty obvious
which parts belongs where so little information would be lost by the
cracks, and as liquid nitrogen boils at -196
its simpler and cheaper to store things at that temperature.

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John K Clark

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