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>> …Only your subjective, internal experience will allow you to be sure if it is you, and that agent will not be able to convince anyone else (including copies) of that.


>…Two problems:


>…1) In the scenario describe, "you" are no longer available for comment, most likely permanently, and thus become irrelevant.



Ja, by choice.  As soon as I realize I perished but now I am up and running again, I want to become Anders Sandberg.  If Anders is also up and running, he might not like that, so… I would then choose to become Andrew Wiles.  Or Martin Gardner.  Or John Horton Conway.  I can think of a couple dozen people I want to become if that is ever an option.  Staying me is in the top 40 choices somewhere (depending on what your definition of me is (assuming that term still has a definition in software.))




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