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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 01:40:58 UTC 2018

 Dave Sill wrote:

>> ​​
>> Extropian principles would be a good basis for a rational alternative to
>> religion.
​No one on this list will argue with that.  But, unlike us, many people are
not looking for a rational anything.  They want emotional things - some
things to love, to hate, to be for, to be against, to rant on, to go to war
for, to get insulted by, to fear - well, you get the idea​.

In the Deep South, the black churches I have been to for funerals are the
epitome of emotional expressions very overtly acted out (lots of standing
up and shrieking something and then fainting).  It's not about what or how
we think. It's about how we feel.

bill w

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