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>… churches I have been to for funerals are the epitome of emotional expressions very overtly acted out (lots of standing up and shrieking something and then fainting).  It's not about what or how we think. It's about how we feel…bill w



Ja.  I am in shock and awe to learn that Aubrey de Gray made a breakthrough on Hadwiger-Nelson.  Oh that is cool.  But I can perhaps concentrate on something else for long enough to post on this other.


This shrieking and fainting business makes me want to create an instrument to measure something I can make from a battery powered Rasberry Pi instrument.  I have been thinking of trying to rig up a Pi to do real-time fast Fourier transforms in order to identify the sound of a buzzing bee.  If so, such an instrument might be designed to differentiate a shrieking visionary from a dweedling church organ and a humming choir, just as a Nielsen rating meter can somehow differentiate an audio signal from a TV or radio in a noisy room.  


Many people today suffer from osteoporosis, so any fall runs a high risk of breaking a bone.  A head-impact is very dangerous to people over 60, and a collision with a wooden pew could potentially lead to injury or serious fatality from impact-induced stroke.  


Cool, suppose I can write software to detect and log church-shriekers and we set it to run on Raspberry Pi, place it in some inconspicuous place with the permission of the pastor and potential shriekers, set to turn on whenever church is in session.  Then we could log incidents of the shrieker/fainters, and compare with the records from the local ER.  Then we could estimate the correlation between faith-induced injury and hospitalization.  As ER costs rise, we may find that it is a high-value public health investment to install cushions on the pews and a coupla extra layers of padding under the carpets of the more shriek-prone high faint risk churches.


As I work on that, I must estimate the risk of my shrieking/fainting related injury when I hear of Aubrey de Gray having made progress on Hadwiger-Nelson, and the realization that I was at a small private party with that man and even had a pleasant discussion with him.  It is a fun story I will tell if anyone wants to hear it: he fell asleep.  At a party.  Right there in the middle of the party.  {8^D 






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