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> After Bill K's response to a post and my comment, I posted something about
> people not looking for something rational, but something emotional they can
> get behind and support.

Steven Pinker points out in his new book that often people's erroneous
ideas are not the result of ignorance but the desire to remain a loyal
member of a tribe. There are certain hot button issues on things like gun
control, taxes, abortion, global warming, drugs and healthcare that label
you as a member of the liberal or the conservative tribe, many people feel
that its more important to display the correct label than to be correct on
the issue. Well educated conservatives were asked to answer the following
question true or false   "when 2 parties in a free market economy
voluntarily make a trade the end result always benefits both of them" they
answered "true" even though it is obviously not true, they made the same
mistake on "drug legalization would help black market drug gangs". Well
educated liberals answered true on the following even though they are false
"climate warming is causing the depletion of the ozone layer" and "there is
no evidence whatsoever that IQ is related to inheritance".

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> No one responded.

​Maybe its just me but your post only showed up in my mailbox a few minutes
ago, its dated April 11 but today is April 16.

John K Clark


> We just can't ignore them.  There are too many of them and they won't go
> away, and they are a major political force - we have to deal with them and
> preaching to them about reason and science is not getting the job done.
> Ideas?
> bill w
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