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>>…Spike wrote  On the contrary.  If we look at the postulates suggested, time has proven both very right.


>…Spike, we are having a very serious breakdown in understanding  You are not seriously saying that learning is everything, meaning genetics counts for nothing, or that people are totally rational.


Please explain


bill w



Hi BillW,


The US Constitution was framed by guys who had just gotten through a bloody conflict over authority.  You can see throughout that document that it was designed to limit Federal government power, and to distribute power with checks and balances.


The Bill of Rights exists because several of the states would not agree to form a federal government unless certain human rights were acknowledged and specifically defined, such as free speech, freedom to assemble, freedom to bear arms, freedom from arbitrary police actions and so on.  The ideals of rationality you mentioned may well have been held, but the framers were really all about limiting federal government power.


The things they wrote and did make so much sense in that light,  Time has proven them so very right: power corrupts.











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