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> OK, John, I'll call your bluff - I don't have any data,though I suppose I could get some, but do you?  Most children wind up in the same religion and so forth?


All you need to do is glace at this color coded map of the world's religions:


 <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_religious_groups#/media/File:World_religions_map_en.svg> World's religions map


>…If children did not usually have the same religion as their parents this map would be a uniform grey… 



If this source had mapped post-religion as grey, good chance most of it would be a uniform grey.  Post-religion isn’t exactly atheism and isn’t exactly agnosticism, but rather a kind of grey that means more like knowing that religion exists and knowing it is vaguely culture-linked, but doesn’t insist on any particular dogma and doesn’t claim any particular relevance.



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