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Thu Dec 20 01:37:09 UTC 2018

I don’t know how “bad” it is in our schools as compared to elsewhere, however I’ve gone to many different schools:

2 elementary schools (one pre 9/11 with no cop, one post 9/11 with a cop)

3 middle schools (2 with, 1 without)

2 high schools (both with)

2 jr colleges (both with), and lived near 2 major universities that had their own police departments

The city that I currently live in has about 5-6 public school districts, each with their own special police departments, they have their own squad cars, K-9 units, etc. They specifically and only deal with the schools in the district: no traffic tickets (except in school zones I think), etc.

I never saw much need for them, really. I have seen exactly one heroin sale, and had exactly one kid bring a grenade to school. Seems overblown to me. They also double as truancy cops I believe. 

SR Ballard

> On Dec 19, 2018, at 1:25 PM, Ben Zaiboc <ben at zaiboc.net> wrote:
> SR Ballard <sen.otaku at gmail.com> wrote:
> "I grew up in fear of the cops at my school..."
> I think the phrase "the cops at my school" has to be the most disturbing thing I've read on this list. Are things really so bad in the US these days that schools have cops? Or am I misreading this?
> Ben Zaiboc
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